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     The early stage of the customer consultation (400-123-4657)

    1, preliminary contacts, understand the project situation, joining intention (telephone or interview).


    Qualified audit

    1, submit to join requirements, fill out the application form for joining, joining city and intention and provide units of information;

    2, the effective certificate such as legal person id photocopy;

    3, signed a letter of intent, in the early period of the burden of franchisees headquarters KaoChaFei travelling expenses (including inspection staff, room and board).


    Business investigation on

    1, the field survey was conducted to treat urban and berth business circle, and provides the project evaluation report for your reference;

    2, discuss implementation unit with franchisees.


    Sign a formal contract

    1, signing franchise agreement with franchisees, and according to the agreement to pay all the expenses (joining gold, margin);

    2, agreed to open matters, the headquarters set table showing the opening schedule.


    Storefront fitment and prophase preparation

    1, headquarters to help review design;

    2, decorate headquarters at the same time the management personnel in the recruitment and training of employees;

    3, headquarters to assist franchisees to formulate opening promotion plan.


    Acceptance and together with decorating

    1, according to drawings to decorating project acceptance;

    2, decorate began opening business license and other related formalities at the same time.


    Personnel training

    1, the headquarters staff inn training new employees;

    2, franchisees and employees to headquarters internship training.


    Open a shop before

    1, with relevant equipment in place, technical equipment debugging;

    2, staffing in place, and the first material order from headquarters.


    The opening

    1, the joining trader opened to the head office to submit the required business licenses and the relevant approval;

    2, alliance management information related to the transition, to guide the management for its franchisees;

    3, cut the ribbon for the opening.




    Pre-sale: please advance booking service, the staff will be arranged at your convenient time door-to-door service.


    Sale: in the process of air-conditioning maintenance, staff will help you free home air conditioning for a comprehensive test.


    Imperfect internal service after sales: week left by any problems, the company will do processing in within 48 hours of free door-to-door.




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